Wedding Insurance

wedding-insurance-120x120In the same way people buy insurance for their homes, vehicles and businesses, so should marrying couples consider getting wedding insurance. As defined by the experts, having insurance is a smart way of coping with risks, whatever form they may be. Even if weddings should be about celebration, one should never be negligent, because unfortunate incidents might still happen.

Why do you need wedding insurance?

You can definitely have protection for your finances when you’re covered by wedding insurance. For instance, if you use your credit card for expenses, and if the wedding is cancelled for some reason, then your card company should give back a certain amount to you.

At the same time, wedding insurance can cover for expenses related to the rearrangement of the wedding and the reception, as well as for any damages incurred to the wedding attire, cake, and the rings. If in any case the supplier, caterer, or wedding planner suddenly fails to show up or deliver, then wedding insurance will be there to ease off your worries.

Wedding insurance also protects you and your wedding guests in any case that an accident causes an injury. Special cases such as weddings done abroad, this type of insurance can still be applicable, but with accompanying travel insurance as necessary. Furthermore, you can file for wedding insurance to cover for dates even before and after the wedding, just to be on the safe side.

Where can I buy wedding insurance?

You can apply for wedding insurance in the Ireland from right here on this website. Through our partners, we also offer wedding insurance packages, at great discounts, for couples who use Our wedding insurance comparison tool below will even help you find affordable deals on insurance. Think of it as a small investment to let you be more prepared, so you can cherish your special day.

2 Star Cover from €49.00

Cancellation cover up to €5,000

3 Star Cover from €79.99

Cancellation cover up to €10,000

4 Star Cover from €129.99

Cancellation cover up to €20,000

5 Star Cover from €149.99

Cancellation cover up to €40,000