Prenuptial Wedding Agreements


All About Prenuptial Wedding Agreements Nobody really likes to get married thinking they are going to face problems in their marriage. After all, we all love a good ‘happily ever after’ story. However, little and large problems do crop up and they are inevitable. Because of this, you may want to look into prenuptial agreements […]

Do You Take Thee’s Surname?


One the first things that are going to change after you tie the knot is your name. Once you get married, you will be presented with different options. You could hyphenate your partner’s name with your own, take your partner’s surname or you could keep your maiden name. Whichever option you choose, the process of […]

Civil Marriage Ceremonies in Ireland


As stated in Part 6 of the Civil Registration Act 2007, to legalize your marriage in Ireland, you are required to get a Marriage Registration Form (MRF) from a Registrar. Whoever is solemnising your marriage must also be on the Register of Solemnisers. The Registrar will only issue the MRF once you have given them […]

Getting Married in Ireland


Marriage is one of the most significant events in your life, not to mention the most life changing. Equally important as wedding planning is being able to follow the rules, requirements and procedures for getting married. In this article, you will be given a basic guide to getting married in Ireland. Age Requirements for Marriage […]

Planning a Gay Marriage- Commonly Asked Questions

Planning a Gay Marriage- Commonly Asked Questions

Like any wedding, same sex wedding preparations include meticulous planning and tireless days to make the special day perfect. Before planning, there are many questions that come. Should we inform the vendor that it is a same-sex wedding? If you’re not comfortable with saying that outright when you are still shopping for the right vendor, […]

Be Sure All Is Legal Before The Wedding


Planning for your dream wedding takes so much time and attention: getting a caterer and a photographer, choosing gowns, selecting wedding cake, booking transportation. Amid this hustle and bustle, meeting the legal requirements for marriage can get lost but they are actually the most important task an engaged couple must prior to their wedding. Under […]

Irish couples to marry wherever they want, but not outdoors

Irish couples will be able to marry in any venue of their choice by the end of the coming summer but not outdoors, according to the Irish Independent.   Currently, Irish couples form the Republic can marry legally only in a church or a registry office. Officials from the General Register Office are hoping to […]

Canada: gay weddings hot spot

A recent report by Statistics Canada has revealed than 56%f of the same-sex weddings celebrated in Canada involved non-Canadian couples, making the country an international gay wedding ‘hot spot’.   The report also discovered that 3.5% of the marriages in the province of British Columbia were same-sex. Again, more than half of those marriages involved […]

Civil Ceremonies arrive in Ireland following their continued growth

Civil Ceremonies arrive in Ireland following their continued growth in the UK Testimony to their value and success is clear with public demand and popularity on the increase with over 100% growth year on year in the number of ceremonies conducted. Anne Barber, MD of Civil Ceremonies Ltd, the organisation behind the launch in Ireland […]

Your Life only a Gazillion Times better!

Your Life only a Gazillion Times better! I must confess to feeling somewhat Brigit Jonesesque when picking up this book. I imagined that I might need a bottle of Chardonnay to wash it down with. And so prepared, big knickers pulled on, glass in hand, soft music on the CD player, I settled down for […]