Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gift


Do not let the thought of shopping for a wedding gift get you down or frighten you. With so many choices available in a wide range of prices, looking for the perfect gift does not need to be an event that causes you too much anguish. Think over a few factors before you rush out […]

Man-made Diamonds

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With the ever-increasing technological advancement, anything can be possible, even man-made diamonds. For those looking for an affordable alternative to diamonds, man-made diamonds are a perfect choice. Not only are they equally beautiful but they are also less pricey. These days, more and more couples are more practical when it comes to wedding jewelry. Some […]

Providing Chocolate As Wedding Favour


Chocolate has been a popular choice for wedding favours for many centuries. This time honoured tradition began with the upper classes of Europe, who had the wealth to give fancy gifts to guests. During that time, chocolate was still a precious commodity and a sign of wealth. Bonbonierre Wedding favours started as small, elegant boxes […]

The Most Popular Wedding Favours

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As you end your wedding celebration, you want to express gratitude to your guests for coming. You can show your gratitude by giving away wedding favours. The possibilities for wedding favours are endless, which can be one reason why deciding on what to give can be difficult. Favours vary and usually complement the theme or […]

Wedding Couple’s Gifts To Each Other


Looking for a gift for a special person can be very difficult, especially if that person is the one whom you’re going to marry. The trend of couples giving each other a present before or on their big day is becoming popular. One reason why couples do it is because it’s a great way to […]

Wedding Favour Guidelines


Origin of Wedding Favours Wedding favours have been around for centuries. This age old tradition began as a way for wedding couples to express their gratitude and appreciation to guests who came to their wedding. This concept is still alive today and couples are still giving away wedding favours to friends and family who have […]

Wedding Favor Ideas


Wedding favors have become a part of wedding reception planning. The tokens that you give to your guests are your way of expressing gratitude and appreciation for having them take the time off from their busy schedules to attend your wedding. Distributing wedding favors is a very old tradition. Sugar cubes or confections were placed […]

Things You Should Know When Buying a Diamond Ring Part 1


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and no woman is going to disagree with that.   The diamond sets itself apart from other rocks with its mesmerizing brilliance and unique beauty. It is also a sign of ultimate commitment and love. Of course, diamonds do not come cheap. So, it is important to choose diamonds […]

How To Honor Your Bridesmaid

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As a bride, it is important to remember to appreciate how your bridesmaids   have helped you on your big day. You have chosen them because they are the ones who matter most in your life. They take time off from their busy schedules to support you and finally see you walk down the aisle. […]

Trendy, Thoughtful Ideas For Wedding Gifts


Thinking of one more set of plush bathroom towels for the next bride and groom? Better think again, because today’s wedding gift ideas go far beyond household necessities, even luxuries, to the happy couple’s greatest desires for their new life. For instance, many wedding consultants are advising brides and grooms to set up their bridal […]