Wedding Themes

Themed Wedding

Select A Personal Wedding Theme Many couples elect to have a theme for their wedding. You can select any theme you like, from something silly to something traditional. You could plan your wedding around the simple theme of your favourite colour or something as exotic as your honeymoon destination. Themes make weddings more interesting and […]

Wedding Entertainment On A Budget


When it comes to weddings, the overall costs are a major concern for most people, as they really should be. With food, gowns, tuxes and photographers to worry about, how can you reduce your budget when it comes to entertainment? Appropriate Ways to Save Money Naturally, you should not think about getting your food from […]

Music Entertainment Tips

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If you are someone who is not really into music, chances are finding the right music for your wedding would be daunting and stressful. While some couples solve the problem by leaving it to the hands of the videographer or wedding planner, it’s clearly is not something that’s recommendable. You want to add a personal […]

What Style Of Music To Choose At Your Wedding

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Music plays an integral part in a wedding. Having the right wedding music can make your wedding more special and beautiful. That’s why making a list of songs for your wedding is very important. You may think that making a list of songs is easy, but it actually is a bit of a mission, as […]

The First Dance


The newly married couple’s first dance is one of the sweetest moments during a wedding celebration. For couples that love to dance, this ritual is a great way to show off their talent. But for those who do not really dance, the first dance can be a source of stress.   So, how do you […]

Hiring a DJ

hiring a DJ

  Aside from planning a wedding ceremony, another challenging task on your big day is how to have an amazing reception. You want your guests to leave your party with memories of good food and entertainment.  Here are some points to consider when selecting a DJ: Meet and Greet Before hiring a DJ, be sure […]

Speech Tips for the Groom

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Wedding preparations are not exclusive to planning clothes, cakes, flowers or the reception. Speeches are also very important in weddings and require a more personal touch in terms of preparation. Traditionally, there is a certain order to follow when speaking at a wedding. It usually starts with the bride's father, then the groom and last, […]

5 Hot Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter wedding tips

Summer, Autumn, and Spring are great seasons to have a wedding, but your wedding can be equally “hot” in Winter. First consideration is the colour, or lack thereof. Reds and greens may be a good combo, but it is more seasonal than ideal. Less is better for winter, with silver and white crystal accents to […]

Broadstreet Band Play Their First Spanish Wedding


After playing at a recent wedding in Faithlegg House Hotel, a couple came up after & asked the band would they play at their wedding that they would really like to have them as part of their big day. As they talked more they asked the band if they would mind travelling, that their wedding […]

Choosing The Wedding Entertainment


The wedding date is set, the venue is chosen, the bride’s gown selected. What’s left? Oh, yes, we need wedding entertainment! Music can be a critical element for many weddings. It isn’t just the music for the actual ceremony, which may be dictated by whether you have a church wedding or a civil ceremony. It’s […]