Bridal Shower Ideas


Should You Have A Bridal Shower? So, you’re getting married? Congratulations! In all the preparations for the big day, the subject of a bridal shower has probably come up and now you’re wondering whether to have one or not. Traditionally a bridal shower was for the bride to receive gifts that would be of help […]

How To Plan A Hen Night

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Originally, the hen night was a special time for all the women to get together with the future bride just before the wedding and to celebrate this event in the bride’s life. As the women gather around, they would tell stories and give advice about marriage, as a way to help the bride-to-be prepare for […]

The Bridal Shower


Apart from the excitement of her wedding day, the bride also looks forward to her bridal shower. A hen party is held for women who are finally bidding farewell to being single. The maid-of-honor and the bridesmaids are usually the ones who organize the party since they’re the ones closest to the bride. If you’re […]

Winter Hen Weekend Ideas


As the nights draw in and Christmas fast approaches, it's time to embrace the season of winter. There are the nights to be had spent by the warm fire, clear winter evenings with starry night skies and hot drinks to keep you warm. If you're planning your hen weekend during this time then you're either […]

The Stag Night

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An ideal stag night should have a lot of thrilling and exciting things in store not for the stag alone but for the visitors as well. It should always end up as a party that will stand out in memory for everyone who was present. Here are a few tips that may help you set […]

Dublin Hen Weekends


The city of friendly faces, endless shopping opportunities and cheap drinks, Dublin is a perfect destination for a brilliant hen weekend. The capital city and largest city in Ireland, Dublin has something for everyone, from an abundance of culture to some of the best nightlife in the land. For hen parties, Dublin is also perfect […]

That Last Big Fling: Hen And Stag Parties


The wedding day is just around the corner. Your pals want to join you in one last big fling celebrating the end of your days as a single person. Yes, it’s time for the hen and stag parties! Back in the day, it was enough to have one big night before the wedding rolled around. […]

Hen parties get lucky!

The ‘hen party’ as we know it, is undergoing a huge transformation!   Gone are the days when the bride to be and her friends simply headed out for a night on the town to celebrate the impending nuptials.   Nowadays a ‘hen’ and her ‘chicks’ are much more likely to celebrate with a weekend […]

Why should I organise an activity for the stag or hen weekend?

Your stag or hen weekend should be one to remember, but by spending all day as well as all night lining the pockets of every landlord in town, chances are the memories will be scarce and what you do remember you may well want to forget! For this reason alone, some kind of activity is […]

Stag Party Special with

Has your H2B organised his stag yet? Is the bestman confident about organising a trip for a large group†¦. especially abroad? If not, consider using a professional travel service and take the pressure off the best man to plan a Stag party to remember…… and not one to forget!   The most important responsibility […]