The Marriage Medics

The Marriage Medics — A Banker, One of Five Experts Featured in New Book Shows You How Money Can Save Or Destroy A Marriage   Dan Smith, a bank executive with Republic Bank in Southeast Michigan, has a unique outlook on how money affects a marriage, a perspective gained from decades of helping couples re-mortgage […]

Bitch in the House

Bitch in the House I read a book review of Bitch in the House last year and thought ‘That is spot on’. The review spoke of women with careers, children and partners who were calm and unflappable in work but when they arrived home they turned into raving sergeant majors, roaring at children and partner […]

Ursula Ferrigno – Celebrity Chef and Author

Ursula Ferrigno – Celebrity Chef and Author Ursula Ferrigno has established herself as one of the leading Italian chefs, both teaching and writing for audiences in the UK, Ireland and Italy. Her face is very familiar as she regularly appears on television and has a firm following for her cookery writing. However, as she is […]