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    Hi there

    I’m having a bit of a wedding dress crisis.

    Does anyone know where a size 16/18 bride would go to buy a wedding dress off the rail?

    I’m getting married on 4th July and I don’t have a dress yet!

    I went to the 2nd hand wedding dress shop in Greystones and the lady there said I would never find anything as I was too big! (which I found quite insulting. I’m not the slimmest person in the world but I do normally wear size 16, which I didn’t think was massive!)

    I would preferably like a shorter style as my wedding is a casual one.

    Thanks, girls!




    I know from experience having been a larger bride and bringing brides around that it is a nightmare! I would suggest you phone Hickeys Bridal Dept on Henry St, see if they have anything on sale (off the peg) in your size. Berktex in Jervis St, did just (might still have) a sale on and again a phone call will suss out if they have anything suitable.

    White Orchid in Swords do also stock up to size 20 in sample dresses and may have something they could sell you.

    Oxfam have a secondhand bridal shop on Georges St. Appointments are required but this place can be a gold mine!

    Another place you might take a look at is TK Max – I know not everyone thinks of buying their wedding dress here but on occasion you can find something fabulous.

    Another idea is to perhaps (again if you don’t mind wearing secondhand) is to put a post up asking if anyone is selling a second hand dress in your side and see what response you get.

    Hope this helps – best of luck

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    If your wedding a is casual one, why not try monsoon or debenhams, sometimes they have lovely bridal stuff in.



    hey Wheatfield,

    have a look at they have a shorter dress on the website that acctually look quite good.

    the wedding has some stunning bridesmaid dresses that will dubble up as a casual bridial gown if u get it in ivory or white. starting at E185

    and ebay are a good place to have a nose thru to if u dont mind wearing second hand

    hope u find ur dream dress

    Parfait Weddings



    Hi All

    I can understand why you felt insulted. She is not a very good sales person talking like that! I suppose it is difficult getting sizes because they are made much smaller for that occasion. I would be in the same situation as you at the moment. I have lost nearly 3 stone in the last 7 months and got down to between a 16 and 18, dependng on the make of clothing. I am not yet at the stage of trying on dresses, just looking at websites for ideas. I have seen that Barnardos in Dun Laoghaire have a special wedding shop and do all sizes. The dresses are all new and cheaper than alot of the other stores.

    You guys have some great ideas. Although I hope to lose enough weight to get to a maximum of a size 14, I really will find the info ye have provided helpful. Thanks for the ideas and names of pllaces. What is the average wedding dress size? Is it really as low as 10 or would it be a 12?



    The cheek of that sales person to pass such a comment. size 16/18 is not big. Any good bridal shop stocks every size as they know there is a market out there for them.
    I lost 2 stone with weight watchers myself in the last year and bought a size 18 wedding dress in Debemhams for only 189 euro. I have to go to the dressmakers tomorrow to get it taken in.
    I am getting married on the 7th of August just 4 weeks to go.
    Getting very exiciting now.



    That is a super price for debenhams Mandy. Well done on your weight loss too. Hope you have a wonderful wedding day. Where are you having it?



    Hi Cherub,
    Thanks you did brillant too, 3 stone was alot in 7 months. Fair play to you, its a great feeling isn’t it.
    Im getting married in cork in the smallest church in ireland gougane barra its beautiful set on a lake with a mountain behind it. Just having a small family wedding jetting off to usa and having a huge party when we get back. Cheaper option.
    Have you got your date and venue sorted Cherub?



    Mandy, that sounds idyllic. A good option indeed. My family wouldn’t understand if I planned something that simple, but we will have a simple wedding anyway and will probably still get negative comments from them. My first sister to get married won hers in a competition, so it was very fancy. My second sister had a big wedding too. We reckon that the money needs to be invested in the marriage and not the wedding day. We have some ways of reducing the cost through contacts and we won’t have a 4 star hotel type reception. We haven’t actually got engaged yet, but plan an engagement of less than a year anyway, so we need to have ideas and discuss what we want etc. We are hoping to have the e-ring commisioned before Autumn. We hope to marry in the church in Dublin where I grew up. Have to find a priest to marry us, as my BF isn’t catholic and not interested in believing in God either, but he respects my wishes to have it in the catholic church I have an idea for a priest. Reception will be in Dublin or North Kildare.



    Best of Luck with your future plans Cherub. Its a very exciting stage to be at. Do what you want to do. My sisters and brothers all had large weddings but i can’t justify spending up to 50 grand on one day. We will still have a brillant day – 2 in fact and i get to wear my dress twice.
    We are having the church wedding and having dinner for my family after . We will have a one man band to dance the night away .
    When we come back from honeymoon we still have a party to look forward to. We will have 2 bands that night and plenty of finger food.
    In total between the 2 days and honeymoon we hope to only spend about 10 grand. A fraction of what my other family members spent.
    So don’t worry about what other people think this is both of yours day and yer money. They did what they wanted you do what you want.



    Home have sample dresses on sale sizes 16-18



    Get away- size 16 is normal… anyway, i know a fabulous website, that a few of my freinds have gotten fabulous bigger sized dresses, its called, and you can get everything from them, my freind has just recd her dress and it only cost 130 and is soooo nice, so she has ordered bridesmaid dresses, handbags and veils as well, it is a great website and has larger sizes , even up to size 30. the site is based is cina, but ive seen the dresses and they are great. dont tell everyone or they may put the prices up, be sure you make surethe prices are in euros, and youll be flabagasted at what u can get. go for it…



    hi girls.

    i know one lady who is amazing and really profesional. she not only repairs but and makes dresses, she made my wedding dress and it looks amazing, she made me so happy till these days.

    if someone is interesting you can find her online:

    Urata | Dresses Designs



    do not worry lady,our online shop offer diferent size fou diferent people,you just need choose the dress what you like and tell us your size
    our website is

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