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    Brides could be missing out on some of the best photographers due to their own prejudice. I refer to photographers like myself who were powerful drinkers once, who haven’t drank in years and never will in this world again, photographers who are streets ahead of the Digi Kids , Hobbyists and Housewives offering themselves on today’s Irish wedding market.

    But our competitors, many of them dead now, spent years up and down the High Streets whispering that we were drunks, alcoholics etc – though we do not drink and will never drink again. In fact some like myself are Alcohol Counsellors today, for years helping serious drinkers with their problems -

    Yet brides still believe all the old propaganda, in fact they are the last people who do believe it in this world. They’re missing out badly on the best photographers in Ireland!


    As a photographer I lose out because I won’t stay on at the wedding dance amidst all the boozing – because it disgusts me , no, not the guests drinking, it all just reminds me too much of my lost youth, lost in drink. If I had my way, I admit, there would be no alcohol at all involved in Irish weddings! Some guests tend to agree – when my photos come and they see their eyes sticking out of their heads!
    I have to agree that brides should not let a present active drinker next or near their weddings , but fellows like me who last drank when Bertie Ahern was Taoiseach( BTW I drank with Bertie in my day and photographed him too!)


    So, what do you think of Reformed Photographers, would you have one as photographer at your wedding?


    SPECIAL OFFER 300 Euro now for full photography coverage of your wedding in Digital. I can afford to do this now because after 45 a professional photographer I am going over on the pension.
    and I hate to see Uncle Paddy with his new Digi Cam, lovely fellow though he is and all, ruin so many Irish weddings.

    Though 64 I am as fit and healthy as any man half my age – my family lives to be a hundred and more!

    300, that’s all.

    Best regards,

    Michael McGrath
    Professional Photographer
    Studio 2
    2 Fr. Sherin Place
    (rear of Dominic Street)
    beside Kilkenny Garda Station,
    Kilkenny City

    [email protected]


    My friend and colleague, Oliver Dunphy of theStudio, 94 High Street, Kilkenny, one of Ireland’s oldest and outstanding professional photographers, told me that some of his colleagues were returning to film photography after having went digital a few years ago.
    I am very interested in this development as I never left film photography myself – neither did David Bailey! – but I have adopted digital as well, both having their own places.
    For instance in wedding photography a photographer using digital only will not have the required dynamic range, and you could all bear this in mind when you are hiring a photographer!
    BTW I have now opened my new modern studio at 2 Fr. Sherin Place ( behind Dominic Street) and beside Kilkenny Garda Station) and I am no longer at the old place at 18 Dominic Street.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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