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    Me and my partner are both foreign we met in Ireland few years ago our twins are 3 years old,and now we decided to get married:-)I’ve been checked every possibilities but couldn’t find any nice place where we could have a such a small wedding I mean im talking about 20 people like:-)We just want a really nice intimate wedding with our closest family and friends..But usually the wedding venues wont take guest under 50 people like..
    If anybody has an idea where we could go and have a nice wedding please help me!!!We were thinking like after the ceremony could go to some nice restaurant but thats not really weddingy isn’t??I mean i dont like the idea eating with strangers..


    Can you give us a bit more information?? Where abouts do you want to get married? Do you want a civil ceremony or are you looking for a small reception venue for after the church? I know you dont like the idea of eating with strangers but alot of restaurants will have a private room you could book for just your party, would this be an option for you?



    hi micho congratulations by the way!!! my brother got married and he had his in restaurant, they only had us in it, there was around 50 people and it was perfect!!!! but some places will give you your own section of a restaurant so can have your own section i dont really like eatin in front of strangers either,so i know how you feel! but its defintley worth looking into!!!!, but you could look into havin your weddin on a boat, perfect for intimacy maybe not so my for same children, also some hotels have a penthouse suite which would be perfect for the numbers your looking for!!! good luck looking!!! :)



    Thanks for reply so quick!!!We are looking for a civil ceremony around Dublin Or County Meath..We were thinking to book a function room as well but the story is we dont know any nice restaurant..Mandoza!This boat wedding actually sound very nice to me!!We were checking boat wedding online but they were the same numbers at least 50 guests:-(
    Could you give me details of the boat please where your brother got married?


    Try and ring around a few hotels. Hotels are having a bit of a tough time as of late so I’m sure you could negotiate with a few different hotels to get exactly what you want.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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