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    Hi all, I have a wedding coming up of my close friend. We have taken care of all the arrangements but just one thing is left, suitable gifts for the attendants. We would like to have something given that would be remembered by them, coming on the monetary issue we would not like to make it expensive too. So, would like to get suggestions from you people to help me decide a gift for the guests.

    Any suggestions would be welcome….



    Just saw your post and though it’s probably too late to suggest it now, we got some very nice gifts at Looking Glass Gift Mirrors Engraved Mirror for Wedding Gift Anniversay Retirement Christening Birthday Gift Family Crest, Etched Mirror
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    I can prefer u in a way that gifts are essence to happy moments in your life , for a best gifts to be presented for your beloved once . are you searching for the best gifts find out the below

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    There are so many gifts like giving a champaign bottle,some articles the best gift would be the time spending with the partner.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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