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    Hi Everyone,

    A quick question and be grateful for advice coming back to me. My neice who will be eleven when I get marry and she wants to be a bridesmaid at the wedding instead of flower girl. I’m not sure if there is certain age if they have to be bridesmaid or does it matter? It wouldn’t bother me at all as long I want her to be there beside me on the big day!

    Thanks x



    hi there, i dont think there is an age she has to be once she is not signing anything…i could be wrong, bt i do know another girl getting married and her daughter is bridesmaid and she will be only 10!! ur niece sounds class and v well clued in cos she prob would be bit too big (i stand corrected tho) as flowergirl. If it doesnt matter to u, then go with bridesmaid, but not as chief one, so she wont have to go signing! hope this helps. enjoy :)



    I had my daughter as one of my bridesmaids, she is only 9. She also said she was too old to be a flowergirl!!:) The only one who needs to be over 18 is your chief bridesmaid as she will be signing the register!!



    Does anyone think that a home gift would be good coming from a bridesmaid? Something the bride and groom can use in their new home, instead of buying a specific gift just for the bride?



    ya i dont think there wud b a prob! way girls r these days they luk much older than they used 2!



    Hi All
    Myself nd husband-to-be are getn married in June this yr. Our Best man nd maid of honour are both under 18!!!
    we are going about things a little differntly; we one of each- a maid of honour(bridesmaid) who is 17 yrs nd a best man(groomsman) who is 14 yrs!!!
    We are instead havn family members to stand as our witnessess and to sign our marriage cert… Age shouldnt matter when it comes to a wedding…all that matters is getting married and havn a good day :)



    I was wondering if any knows if my 17 year old daughter can be my maid of honour. i have promised this already so could be a bit of problem if she cannot.


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