Your wedding pictures could be National heritage

Vietnam, Australia, US†¦ Ethnology museums and galleries all over the world have realised weddings are a big symbol of our cultural background and show the public how weddings used to be. So, when you hire your wedding photographer beware they could be used for an exhibition in the future†¦ say cheese and smile!

Over a hundred wedding photographs are on display at a Danang museum, in Vietnam.
The exhibition is a compilation of pictures illustrating the traditions and customs of Vietnamese weddings.

The display is divided in different categories: war-time weddings, post-war wedding, golden wedding†¦ and are a visual window into the bridal traditions of Vietnam throughout the 20th century.

But it also includes other wedding mementos like invitations and marriage certificates that are over a hundred years old. The exhibition includes true-life stories of the people in those images.

This is the third of its kind held by the Ethnology Museum in the country. The display opened at the Danang Museum on 31 August and will run until 31 January 2007.

The State Records Gallery in The Rocks, Australia, is also holding an exhibition featuring wedding shots. The Australian collection captures the life of the Aboriginal people in over a thousand pictures taken by the New South Wales Aboriginal Welfare Board between 1919 and 1966.

Also, in the US, Historical Society of Frederick County Museum hosts ‘Down the bridal path’, a photo exhibition exploring the wedding traditions of the area.

If you hadn’t noticed yet the importance of having a good photographer for your big day, now you have a good reason†¦ your wedding shots might one day make it in to the National Gallery!