Your Ideal Wedding Ceremony And Reception Venues On A Budget

Most brides have fantasized all through childhood of the perfect venue at which they would wish to say their wedding vows. It might be on a sunny tropical beach or even atop a mountain. However, when it comes to your wedding ceremony and reception locations, you may find that the venue of your dreams is beyond your budget. This does not mean that you can not tie that all important not within an ideal setting without having to spend a fortune. Here’s how you can save money and still enjoy your big day.



  • The first thing to take into account when saving money on your wedding venue is to schedule the wedding on a date that isn’t popular. You will find that you may have to cough up a lot more to have your wedding on a Saturday afternoon or Saturday night, than if you would on any other day of the week – and in the same venue. You could instead opt to tie the knot on a Sunday afternoon, which will save you some money while also remaining a convenient day of the week for your guests.
  • Moreover, you could also save money by selecting a day within a less popular month to get married such as in January, February, March and November. These months are considered “off-season” months in most countries in the Northern hemisphere. This is due to the fact that in such regions it is more popular to have you wedding during the warmer months such as in December, and especially around Christmas Day. But should you opt for a February wedding, try to avoid scheduling it around Valentine’s Day as this is a popular romantic period that will obviously have prices going up.
  • Another way you can save on your wedding costs is by having your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location. In such a case, you will save on transportation fees required to transport your wedding guests from the ceremony venue to the reception location. Moreover, you will save money by not have to decorate both venues separately as well as the fees you would have to pay towards renting each of the venues. You will find that some hotels may allow for a wedding to take place on their greens, while the reception may take place in one of their ball rooms indoors. You may also hold your wedding at a synagogue, church or other religious facility then have you wedding reception in one of their available rooms.
  • Another great wedding location would be to hold the big day at a Community Centre Building. These are common in many residential areas and are usually large rooms that members of the public can rent out for functions such as a wedding. What’s more is that such venues are usually very pocket-friendly in terms of rental fees.
  • Another budget-friendly location for your wedding would be at a community park. Such locales are affordable and could provide the perfect setting, with all the natural greenery, to have your wedding in.