Worst wedding news of 2006 – Third time lucky? Or mission impossible?

Third time has definitely not been lucky for Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock. The Baywatch’s blonde and her rapper husband both filed for divorce just four months after the couple tied the knot for the third time.


Anderson posted the note “Divorce. Yes, it’s true. Unfortunately impossible.” on her official website’s diary on the 27th of November.


Now celebrity media all over the world are intrigued by the true meaning of ‘unfortunately impossible’. Impossible to live with Rock? Unfortunately impossible to patch things up? Or just Marriage is a Mission Impossible?


Anderson and Rock married three times. They have now claimed ‘irreconcilable differences’ for the high profile break-up.


Anderson’s spokesperson told People magazine. “It wasn’t a happy Thanksgiving.”


Anderson, who divorced musician Tommy Lee in 1998, had been dating Rock on and off since 2000. Their wedding last summer on a yacht off the coast of St Tropez made all the news as her wedding ‘gown’ was a tiny winy white bikini. (Some blame the French unbearable temperatures due to global warming).


The couple had yet two more weddings to re-tie their knot and get it well tied up.


Beverly Hills, California and Nashville, Tennessee, were the venues chosen by the couple for their wedding spree.


At the time, the Canadian blonde star described them as “super happy newlyweds”.


In December, the Associated Press reported that the star had suffered a miscarriage.


She already has two sons from her marriage to Tommy Lee and Rock has also a son from a previous relationship.


Good luck for 2007!