World Wildlife Fund urges couples to plan green weddings

The World Wildlife Fund is urging couples to make their wedding day ‘environmentally friendly’. The conservation organization has launched a ‘green weddings’ website where couples can get advise on more ecological ways of celebrating their big day.


WWF new website recommends charitable donations to WWF’s instead of giving the couple conventional wedding gifts.


Replacing traditional wedding favors for wedding guests with donations is also a great option to reduce ecological costs.


WWF’s ‘green weddings’ project also features helpful tips for couples to help you planning eco-friendly weddings, regarding photography, flowers, venues, food and low ecological impact honeymoons.


Going for organic food and local produce, avoiding flights for your honeymoon, using seasonal flowers or even replacing them with candles and sending e-mail invitations to reduce paper usage are some other ‘green’ alternatives for your wedding celebrations. Charity shop gowns or dresses made of natural fabrics, using local venues, etc†¦ there are a million things you could do to reduce your wedding ecological (and sometimes economical) costs.


The World Wildlife Fund is over 45 years old and it’s the largest conservation organization in the world. It focuses on endangered species, deforestation, over-fishing and climate change.


For more information you can visit WWF’s ‘green weddings’ project website: has also helpful tips for eco-friendly weddings and how to make a difference on your big day. Check out our articles in the ‘advise & tips’ section.