Winter Wedding Cake Tips

Winter wedding cake

Winter wedding cake

The emphasis of every wedding reception, the wedding cake has to be perfect and is a reflection of how beautiful your wedding is. This is why you always have to be perfect. Here are some tips to keep your wedding reception highlight as gorgeous as your wedding.

What's your flavour?

For a winter wedding, choose a wedding cake that's ideal for the season. What's the flavour of winter? Thick rich flavours so don't stay on the traditional cake. Don't be afraid to try on new flavours and decorations. Instead of the typical white cake, try some caramel spiced or butter cream flavoured cake. If you're feeling a bit citrus, you can always go for the chocolate filling and orange flavoured cake. This is the type of cake that will go well with the season, as well as hit your guests' taste buds.

On your colour

The appearance of your cake relies on the colour. So nothing says winter better than white or icy blues mixed with some greens or browns. You can add a hint of colour to light blue to a chocolate ganache-covered cake.

On flowers

An excellent cake design can also be based on your bridal bouquet. You can ask your cake maker to create a sugar version of your flowers. If you prefer a more classic look to your cake, instead of huge flowers, you can ask your baker to paint the flowers along your cake with the use of edible dye.

On Sides

Put a very interesting twist to your traditional wedding cake. Add a winter-inspired side to your cake by searving it a la mode with black walnut ice cream. You can sprinkle it with a handful of starlight mints too.