Winter Bride Beauty Tips

winter bride makeup

winter bride makeup

Looking perfect on your wedding day takes more than an expensive dress. You also need to have the perfect make-up that matches your dress, your hairstyle, your motif, and the season. If you're a summer, autumn or spring bride, it's easy to take inspiration from the colours around you. And this is why it's so difficult to be a bride during winter.

Winter weddings are bitter sweet. It's great because of the holiday cheers, however, it also sucks because of the cold temperature. The dreary lighting makes the dark circles in your eyes look darker, and the puffy eyes look even puffier. Refuse to look tired and puffy on your wedding day. Solve this problem by creating a glow using a little under-eye highlighter. You can also add a hint of shimmer in your eye make-up.

Aside from your eyes, your lips are the highlights of your face. Remember that when you're using shimmer, you should choose just one part of your face. Choose to add a hint of shimmer either on your eyes, or your lips, and never make the mistake of having them on both.

Before any make-up touches your face, the key to looking marvelous on your wedding day is your skin. It would be lovely and perfect if you had a warm tan, but during winter, you tend to look pale. Invest in a self-tanner and it is imperative that your foundation matches your skin tone.

Because of the low temperature, your make-up tends to dry out faster. So number 1 is to make sure your skin doesn't dry up. Add moisturizing oils to your bath. Also, apply petroleum jelly product on your nails, heels as well as elbows.

The most important thing is to drink lots of water. You cannot expect your skin to just look healthy. The end result will always be amazing. Look good for your Winter wedding with these winter bride beauty tips.