Why Get Married Abroad

wedding venuesIf you want a truly unique and adventure-filled wedding, plan a wedding away from home. There are so many wedding venues abroad that will truly make your wedding a very memorable one. Not only that, but you may also be surprised to know that having a destination wedding can be more practical.

Reasons for Choosing Wedding Venues Outside of Ireland

1.Limited Guests- Having a destination wedding significantly narrows down your number of guests. Most likely, the ones who are attending your wedding are the most important people in your life- your family and selected close friends.
2.Small Wedding Venues- Because you have less guests, your wedding becomes more intimate. There is no need for you to rent a huge space, as it will only make your guests feel dwarfed.
3.Relaxing Atmosphere- Since your wedding also serves as a vacation for you and your guests, the mood becomes more relaxed. Everyone is in a pleasant mood and is up for a fun celebration.
4.Less Formal Clothes- Most couples choose beach resorts for their destination wedding. This means, the bride, groom and guests do not have to be in very formal attire. Women can wear flowy dresses, while men can wear linen shirts and drawstring pants.
5.No Stress- When you are at an exotic location and on vacation, there is less opportunity for you to get stressed out. You don’t need to be a slave to your blackberry and your computer. The view and the atmosphere of the place should be enough reason for you to forget work.
6.Less Planning- The good thing about getting married abroad is that you don’t need a lot of planning to make it a beautiful wedding. Having a small number of guests allows you to plan the reception, menu and other wedding details more easily. Most importantly, the resort staff also has wedding packages you can choose from that you really don’t need to do all the planning yourself.

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