Who are we inviting? PART TWO

John Travolta disagreement with Tom Cruise’s guest list for his recent wedding in Italy has put wedding guest lists issues back on the top of every planner’s priorities. Beware!


-WORKMATES. Inviting some and not others may create tension at the workplace. It’s all or nothing in this case.


-X FACTOR. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes couldn’t invite their ex-partners to their wedding in Italy. Clear the air on this issue. You might have a very good friend who happens to be your exboyfriend/exgirlfriend and you would like to invite. There is nothing wrong with that but that is for you two to decide.


-RETURN INVITATION. If you are doing a big event, remember to invite those people whose wedding you have attended (as long as you are still in speaking terms with them). It would be rude not to do it. If you have a strict family intimate wedding, send them a wedding announcement.


-SPLIT ENDS. If you are having a really hard time setting up your guest list, organize a two-days event: An intimate strictly direct family ceremony first and a good friends party a few days after. That will keep everybody happy and you will not hurt anybody’s feelings.


-RELATIVE VALUES. Immediate family should be the first added to your wedding guest. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who are a part of your life come next along with those friends who are like family to you. Close friends and their partners come afterwards. Other friends, neighbors, workmates come next. People you don’t know but are related to you or are your parent’s friends should come last on your list.


-PERSONA NON-GRATA. Anybody absolutely not welcome to your big day. This is the time to write your wedding black list and name all the persona non-grata.


-BUDGET. Be realistic with your budget. Decide if it’s more important to have lots of people at a modest wedding or a smaller crowd with a higher quality meal.


-EXCEL-LENT WORK. Setting up an Excel document and a website were people can register will make this job much easier.


-TRIMMING. Once your guest list is complete consider who you can afford to invite. If there is a need to trim down the list from the end of the list and work your way up.