Who are we inviting? PART ONE

The absence of John Travolta at Tom Cruise’s wedding in Italy due to a disagreement over the guest list has put wedding guest lists issues back on the top of every planner’s priorities.


Travolta was a no-show at his fellow Scientologist’s wedding last weekend because Cruise had left talk show host Oprah Winfrey off the guest list, according to TMZ.com.


It has also been reported that Travolta had no prior knowledge of the guest list, which included the Beckhams, Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey and Will Smith, among other celebrities.


Well… Mr. Travolta… Since when has a wedding guest list been a document of public domain?


-When organizing your guest list, unless you have a wedding website, don’t feel you have to let every guest know who else you are inviting! This is your wedding and your guest list. Guests’ personal friendships or animosities are not for you to take into account.


These are more tips to help you create the right guest list for your big day and do ‘the right thing’:


-EARLY BIRD. Start as soon as possible or as soon as you have a venue in mind. It’s never too early.


-LOVED ONES. Your wedding day is to be shared with your most loved ones. Inviting everybody you know and like is just not possible.


-SIZE MATTERS. Decide what kind of wedding you are looking for. 20 or 200. Big or small. Bear in mind that will have a direct effect on the type of venue you will have to choose: small chapel, registry office, castle, hotel, country restaurant, home…


-CHILDFREE. It’s is necessary to decide if children and babies will be welcome. If you have a childfree wedding you could state it on the invitation (over 18s only sounds better than no kids allowed!). Spread it word to word but that might lead to confusion.


-PARENT TRAP. Parents and in-laws may ask you to send invitations to distant relatives or friends of them. If they are paying, you could give your parents and in-laws a set amount of guests that they can invite and they can make their own mini-list, that will ease a bit your pressure. If you are paying for the reception and don’t want to invite people you don’t know, you can come to a compromise by sending out wedding announcements, informing people that it is a small intimate ceremony but you still wish to share the news of your marriage with them.