Where there is a will there is a wedding

‘The gown doesn’t fit me anymore’. ‘The cake isn’t ready yet’. Some people find very funny ways of sneaking out of their wedding plans. What about this one: ‘darling, I am truly hoping to win the Premiership this year’?

If Charles and Camilla could wait for 20 years, surely postponing the wedding day for a couple of months is not a big deal.

That is what footballer Michael Chopra might have thought. Chopra is postponing his wedding plans because he expects Cardiff City to be chasing promotion to the Premiership. Since Chopra is pretty confident the Bluebirds will be winning the Championship title, his fiancà ©e Heather might be praying they don’t make it to the Champions League as well.

‘I can’t cope with the media fuss’ is another typical celebrity ‘get me out of my wedding’ excuse to avoid commitment. Kelly Brook has explained ‘media fuss’ was the reason her wedding to Billy Zane didn’t go ahead this summer. Billy Zane and Kelly Brook were supposed to marry in a small rural ceremony in Kent.

And love birds Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have also revealed they were ‘just about’ to postpone their wedding. Not because they were hoping to make it to the Aussie rules finals but because they were both suffering from strong pre-nuptial nerves.

But nothing would spoil non-celebrity bride Nicky Neys’ best day. A few hours after the birth of Nicky’s premature son, Harry, the doctor asked her if she had anything to do that day. And it turned out her diary was pretty busy that day as it was her wedding day!

Hours after the happy birth of their son, Nicky and Neil got married in a white wedding at St Luke’s Church in Brislington, Bristol.

They even managed to enjoy their reception before going back to hospital, with the bride still in her wedding dress.

Where there is a will†¦