WeddingsIrelands 10 best brides movies PART 2

WeddingsIreland has compiled the 10 best brides’ movies of all times.


6-The princess bride- (1987)


Based on William Goldman’s novel, The Princess Bride is one of the late eighties romantic comedy classics. It evokes those magic and romantic good old fairy tales, with Robin Wright Penn playing the perfect princess. The soundtrack won an Oscar for the best music, and it was mostly written and arranged by Dire Straits’ Mark Knofler.


7-Bride and prejudice- (2004)


Bollywood glamour and music in this romantic comedy, the Indian adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.


8-The bride of Frankenstein- (1935)


For old school scary-movie lovers. The original idea for ‘The bride of Frankenstein’ came from a chapter in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, when Frankenstein wants a mate.


9-Runaway bride- (1999)


This romantic comedy reunited Julia Roberts and Richard Gere for the first time since the success of Petty Woman. Julia Roberts plays Maggie, a wedding jitters ‘usual’, who has abandoned four of her grooms at the altar. Will Gere (who plays Ike Graham) be able to marry her and make her forget her ‘runaway bride’ habits?


10-Picture bride- (1995)


Based on a true story, this Japanese drama tells the story of a young Japanese girl who leaves her home town to marry a sugar-cane labourer working in Hawaii she had only known through a photograph. When she gets to Hawaii, the young girl discovers her husband had sent her an old picture and he is actually 25 years older than her.