WeddingsIreland 10 best brides movies PART 1

WeddingsIreland has compiled the 10 best brides’ movies of all times.


1-Brides- (2005)


This acclaimed and award winning Greek film is set in the 1920s and tells the story of 700 mail-order brides from Greece on board of a ship that will take them to America, to meet their new (and strange) husbands. Nikki is one of the brides, on her way to a new life as a married woman. On board, she meets Norman, an American photographer, and fall in love. Their journey will not be easy. You can watch Brides’ movie trailer in You Tube:


2-Corpse Bride- (2005)


Tim Burton’s animation movie, set in a dark Victorian town is a parody of aristocratic England. The movie was specially created for Burton’s wife Helena Bonham Carter- who put the voice to Emily, the Corpse Bride. Johnny Depp was Victor, torn between two loves.


3-Seven brides for seven brothers- (1954)


This is one of the classic musical films of all times. Adam, one of seven brothers, brings back to his ranch his new bride (Milly). When she gets to Adam’s home, she is shocked at the brothers’ wild behaviour and she embarks on a mission to turn these ranch wild men into perfect gentlemen.


4-The father of the bride- (1950 and 1991)


Two different versions of the same movie for different tastes. A young and gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor is the bride in the original 1950 version of the movie, directed by Vicente Minelli. In 1991, Steve Martin made a light hearted and comic remake of the movie.


5-Bride wore black – (1968)


This French movie (La Marià ©e à ©tait en noir) directed by Franà §ois Truffaut is based on a novel by William Irish. Five men make a young bride a widow on her wedding day. The bride embarks on her journey to take her revenge, killing each of the five men.


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