Weddings, camera, action!

What makes a great wedding video? talked to film professionals from all over the country to find out what is needed to achieve the ultimate wedding film:


-Love story


The perfect wedding video should be about a love story with a distinctive beginning, middle and end, as Paul Ward, from Memory Lane Videos explains. “The beginning includes the bride’s preparation and the arrival to the ceremony, the middle should be about the main part of the love story, which should be the ceremony, and the end should of course the newly married couple celebrating their love in dance.”




“A good wedding DVD starts with a good wedding videographer, someone who is passionate about his/her work, a keen eye for detail, good camera skills and offers a professional service,” says professional wedding videographer Leon Costello.


“A good videographer should be able to make the bride and groom feel relaxed and comfortable around him and the camera. If you can achieve this relaxed environment, this will be portrayed in your work and the end product.”




“Wedding videos can be very boring but with the proper use of two cameras the magic of the day can really unfold. One camera videos are a pure waste of time,” explains Tomas Coppinger from Coppinger and Curran Photography and Video




Wedding videos should be elegant, stylish and professional, according to Garret Daly from Bellissimo Wedding Videos. “They should tell the story of a couple’s special day in under 90 minutes so that the event can be relived easily at home and showcased in a high quality production.


“The best wedding videos are edited to the highest possible standards to create a documentary style production, combining music, montages and stunning images that capture the spirit of this special day.”




“From a photographic or cinematic perspective weddings are all about anticipation… the ability to read body language and predict a person’s reactions and emotions,” adds Gavin Gallagher from Dreamcatcher Productions. “If you’ve already got your finger on the shutter or record button a split second before that moment happens you are onto a winner.”


-Different styles


“The editor tells a story through his shot placement and music choice, knowing when to leave the shot run or cut it short can offer a completely different perception to the viewer. Every editor has a different style and that’s cool, otherwise we’d all be sick of watching the same work from everyone. Some people offer the traditional and others offer the contemporary. There’s no right or wrong… just choice,” says Gallagher.


Good footage will be the base for a good end-result and each editor has a personal style, you need to take into account. Paschal Brooks from reveals his secret, “My motto is ‘We film your wedding, not intrude on it’, a camera-person should blend and be part of the great day.


“When booking I have a quick meeting with the couple where they tell me what they want and do not want.”


-The perfect watch


“A perfect wedding video would be the one you want to watch over and over again, and every time you watch it you discover new things. It should tell this magical story of the bride and groom fulfilling their love for each other. There are no actors in the film, yet you feel like sitting on a cinema chair and watching a romantic movie. You want it never to end…” adds Hamilton Niculescu, from StudVio design.
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