Wedding Speeches – Making Yours Memorable And Enjoyable!

So, you’ve been asked to make a speech at an upcoming wedding? Whether you’re the groom, best man, father of the bride or someone else who’s been asked to make a speech, chances are you’re wondering what you should say and how to say it. You want your speech to sound clever, thoughtful, heartfelt and meaningful, so how do you go about achieving that?

Write Out Your Thoughts

First of all, sit down and jot down a brief outline. Include the things you want to mention in your speech. Traditionally each different speech has different elements. The best man’s speech will contain much different material than that of the father of the bride. A little bit of preparation will help immensely and it will help ease your nerves to know you are prepared. Don’t try to come up with a clever speech on the spot. Chances are that you will draw a total blank when faced with a room full of people. There is no crime in reading your speech from a bit of paper or palm cards, if your nerves get the best of you. You’re not going to be scored on your performance.

Make it Personal

Introduce yourself and tell the guests how you are related or how you know the couple. Maybe you have a short story you can tell about the couple, just make sure it’s not too revealing or embarrassing! Tell everyone what it is that you find endearing about the couple, either as individuals or as a couple. Wish them luck for their future and tell them what you hope the future holds for them.

Address the Crowd

Make sure you direct your speech to the whole room, including the bride and groom. The speech might be about them but it is also for them, so don’t get overwhelmed by the room full of people and forget the two most important ones. Make eye contact with people. Even if you are reading from notes, you can take brief pauses to make eye contact with people to give them the feeling that you are talking to them personally and not just reciting what you have in front of you. This will give your speech a more genuine and personal touch; the guests will feel included and involved.

Don’t Forget To Say Thank You

You should always remember to say thank you to some relevant people during your speech. Thank the guests for coming and giving gifts, the bridal party for helping and being supporters of the bride and groom on their special day, the caterers or reception venue, anyone who has travelled a long way to be there, anyone who might have had an integral role in the organization of the wedding. Remember to tell the bride how beautiful she looks! Make a toast to the couple and their future health, happiness and good fortune.

Keep it Light

Keep your speech fairly light. Now is not the time for any deep and insightful musings, you will bore the guests and perhaps even make someone uncomfortable. Also keep it reasonably to the point; it’s a wedding speech not a business conference! Give your speech from the heart and it will be great!

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