Wedding Photographer Tips – From Lisa Walsh Photography

Here are some top tips to think about before choosing a wedding photographer. By Lisa Walsh:


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* Look for a photographer with some excitement, make sure that they are fun and easy going. Some brides don’t realise how important it is to have a photographer that is energetic. You want to feel comfortable with them. They are the one professional who will spend the most time with you on one of the most important personal days of your life.


* Relax and have fun. It’s a great day! If you’re stressed or exhausted, it’ll show.


* Make sure you bring someone who makes you laugh. It’ll help you to loosen up!


* Be open to trying different poses and new things. Some of the best photographs are unplanned.


* For photojournalistic style wedding photography, plan to have all the formals taken directly following the ceremony. This way, the emotion and candor of the behind-the-scenes moments are not interrupted by the need to get ready quickly for these posed group portraits.


* For brides – be yourself and have fun. Truly enjoy your day and soak in every moment. It will be reflected in your photographs!


* Nothing is better than pure natural lighting!


* Have fun. yes you’ve planned this wedding for what feels like forever but… it is one very short day – so enjoy it & make sure the photographer is someone you’ll enjoy being with because they’ll be around you the most.


* When choosing a photographer, think about what it is that you want to see when you look at your photos 20 years from now.


* Do you want that picture of when the photographer told you to stand in front of the fountain and look at each other? Or do you want that photo of the look in your eyes, the first time you saw your new partner for life, on the biggest day of your lives. A photojournalistic style is meant to capture those special moments, and a more traditional style is meant to take more formal shots through out the day.


* Brides, as time nears, please make sure you always schedule enough time in between the ceremony and reception to travel to a few amazing spots for intimate photos of just you and your new husband… That’s the wonderful stuff you’ll always remember…


* Don’t be afraid to laugh when the cameras are around. Memories will be enchanting when our cameras can capture your joy and emotions. Make your pictures reflect real life…its much more exciting!


* Prepare a beautiful “Thank You” sign to hold during a formal portrait of the two of you. Use the photo to make personalised thank you cards to send to friends and family.


* Make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your photographer. They are a huge part of your wedding and will be there for most of the day. Talk to them, meet them if you can, before your big day.


* Consider booking your photographer as soon as you set you wedding date and location. This will assure you get an excellent photographer before they are booked.