Wedding On A Budget

At last the big question has been popped and the answer was a resounding “yes”. Euphoria reigns as family and friends get the good news, quickly followed by a crash into reality as the planning for the wedding begins. Almost everyone grows up with a mental image of their wedding. With a lot of creativity and careful spending, your dream wedding will come true even on a limited budget.

The Key to it All

The key is to set a budget that is acceptable to both bride and groom. Make sure to agree on this most important subject so that as plans progress money does not become a source of disagreement. Once the budget is set, start planning for your perfect wedding.

When planning your special day on a small budget, you will find that there are many ways to save money and still have the wedding of your dreams. Have your wedding at home, a friend’s home or at a public park where there are no rental fees. Another option would be to search for a church or community hall with low rental fees. Some of these facilities will lower the fee if the cleanup is done by the wedding group afterwards. Many friends and family want to help so that could be a way to include them in the wedding plan.

Tighten your Guest List

Keep the guest list short by only inviting family and friends that are close personally. Since you will be inviting closest friends and family, perhaps a nice potluck could replace an expensive catered sit down meal. Serve snack appetizers and cake if you do not intend a sit down meal. Instead of catering the foods, tap the family and friend resource asking for volunteers to help make appetizers and snacks.

Comparison Shop

Use your social network. Get a group of friends together and create your own invitations. Many times you can get a discount using your contacts or your friends or relatives contacts. Always be sure to shop around. Get on the phone, go online and go in person to shop for the best prices available on all your wedding requirements.

Cut Back on Frivolous Luxuries

Expensive small details can be cut back on in order to save money. Save money by having a few flower arrangements strategically placed where they will be obvious and easily viewed. Instead of expensive diamond and pearl jewellery, substitute with costume jewellery such as rhinestones. Doing without small details that no one will miss can save significant amounts of money.

Borrow your Wedding Gown!

A trend has emerged due to the economics of our time. Wedding dresses are being borrowed from close friends as the “something borrowed”. Dresses are being bought at consignment stores, on eBay and from other discounted sources in an attempt to keep expenses in line with a limited budget. A huge resource is eBay with many printers that offer complete packages from the invitations to napkins and other personalized items.

These are but a few tips for planning your dream wedding on a budget. With a little determination and creativity, your wedding will be perfect and you will not be in horrendous debt.


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