Wedding guests behaving badly

guestsHigh spirits, free alcohol, high sugar diet. weddings are definitely a happy event but guests run a great risk of making a fool of themselves. If you need some help to avoid your own wedding disaster, have a look at the worst that could happen:


Drunkness is a wedding’s number one enemy. Too much alcohol can turn lovely guests into monsters. Bum grabbing, falling on the dance floor, being abusive with the waiters, forget about setting an open bar on your wedding day. That could be the beginning of the end.

Accommodating guests:

This is NOT really your responsibility. There are enough things to do without worrying about who is coming and when, where he/she is going to stay, how long, etc, etc.Number two wedding annoyance is having your guests chasing you to book them into a hotel in town. How big is the room? Isn’t it too dear? How far is it from the center? Is breakfast included? Ahrrr. Don’t give them your mobile number give them your travel agent’s!

Embarrassing speeches:

Fair enough the best man likes commenting on every single girlfriend and ‘special friend’ the groom has ever had since kindergarten but some people go just too far. We have reports of a speech mentioning the bride’s pregnancy to everybody when her parents didn’t even know yet. Ooops!

No news is good news:

Not always. Some guests seem to think it is just fine to turn up at weddings without bothering with a previous confirmation. Inviting non-expected boyfriends, girlfriends, dogs and other pets is quite a common practice too. Make sure you specify WHO is meant to attend your wedding and WHEN they should confirm attendance. If it doesn’t work just make sure you have an extra table.

Camera happy:

If you are giving every table a disposable camera, bear in mind you might get to see a side of your party you might prefer ignoring. The most popular guest offence is drunken nakedness shots.

Screaming kids:

Ceremonies can be spoiled by very tiny things like babies. Kids running around playing, crying, shouting at each other, jumping under the tables is grand for receptions but ceremonies are a different thing. There is nothing worst than not hearing your fiance saying ‘I do’ because someone has forgotten it was time to breastfeed their little one.

If you have any funny stories about weddings you want to share, let us know!

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