Wedding Details

Looking after the smaller details of your wedding flowers


After leafing through numerous wedding magazines, scanning the wedding websites and talking to the local church ladies, you have found the florist of your dreams. The bridal bouquet that you and your florist have decided on is now close to a reality. Before you forget you quickly order 12 buttonholes something for the mums and your flower girl.


The complete picture is made up of not only the big things (the dress, food, the large church arrangements, etc) but also the small things. I am not suggesting you decorate every nook and cranny with followers or adorn every guest with flowers. But the wedding day is so special for two people that every detail should be given the same creative energy that the more important aspects receive. Think and be inspired†¦.


The first glimpse of the bridal bouquet when it arrives on the day of the wedding can start the emotional heartstrings. But for the guests, the bridegroom and his family, their first sight of the wedding flowers does not occur till they arrive at the church. First impressions as always are important.


Thoughts of lining the route to the church with balloons or large bows, a throw back to all those kids’ parties attended, may not be allowed but making your guests welcome at the church can be easily achieved by placing flowers on the church gates or stone pillars. Even the simplest country bunch can be tied to the railings and can be a welcome sight if the sun is struggling to show its face.


Since Pagan times the circle/ring has symbolized renewal and eternal love. Across the Atlantic the Americans frequently have ‘Welcome Wreaths’ on their doors throughout the year. Similar flowers to those used in the bouquet can be used to create a wreath for the church door or even simpler a wreath of mixed foliage and coloured ribbons coordinating with the brides ‘maids’ dresses.


Has anyone seen a bride alight from the car and immediately make her way down the aisle? Most people will stop and take stock before they either find their seat or make that commitment. The aisle can lend itself to many different floral treatments. If only one area is chosen to be decorated then think about this linear passage that is seen by all, including the numerous cameras and videos.


The shape of the pew end will to some extent determine what can be done. Some of the modern pews don’t have an end. If this is not the case consider placing flowers, lengths of foliage and ribbons on the floor on either side (and don’t trip). Another way of decorating the aisle is using tall stands, which can be secured to the pews. These stands can then hold candles, flowers, ribbons, ivy and balloons.


And don’t forget if you are decorating the pews, then include the two important chairs at the top of the aisle.


Little flowers for little people. ‘Aren’t they sweet’. When ordering buttonholes for the men tell your florist if any pageboys are included. Spray roses or small-headed roses look better. Give a twist to the ring cushion. Ask your florist to make a posy pad full of flowers on which the rings (real or imitation, your choice!) can be attached to with ribbon.


For those ever so sweet flower girls, their choices (even more than the bride herself) range from small posies, hoops, pomanders, baskets and hair flowers.


And finally, whether it is the horse and cart (wheelbarrow – divorce immediately) or coach, flowers can be attached by a clever suction pad from your florist to car bonnets or flowers cab be tied to horses tackle or the carriage.


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