Vows of Wows?

Britney Spears is set to renew her wedding vows with Kevin Federline, according to glossy magazines all over the world. And Kate Moss and Pete Doherty will promise each other everlasting love with blood vows†¦we mean ‘wows’.

Raunchy Spears and husband will hold a ceremony shortly after the birth of their second child, due in October this year.

Hundreds of friends and family will attend the event where Britney will “show the world she is happily married”.

Their marriage might need a bit of a reviewing, or re-vowing, session after all the rumors about them splitting up and so on. But will Britney and Kev write their own vows this time? Or, will they keep going with the old ones?

Despite speculations about their marriage being on the rocks, “La Spears” and her husband will renew their love in a lavish ceremony just under two years since they got married.

Some might wonder why so soon?

Many couples spend the time previous to the wedding choosing menus, flowers and the first song instead of really thinking through and analysing the vows they will make on their wedding day. Maybe that is what has happened to Britney and Kevin and now they need to really go and check what they have got themselves into.

We recommend they write their own compromise this time, if they really want to start afresh.

Some advice if they are not too sure where to begin: get a copy of “I Do! I Do! The Marriage Vow Workbook” (2006, Lulu Press) by Shonnie Lavender and Bruce Mulkey.

According to the authors, the book helps couples creating their own wedding vows, reflecting who they are and what they want for their relationship.

We can’t wait to know what the Spears have to say!

And Babyshambles’ Pete Doherty wants to keep his possible wedding to Kate Moss very intimate. So intimate that he has already announced he will write his wedding vows with blood. His or hers, we don’t know. But that is not what we meant by ‘personal vows’! Someone has already warned Doherty there are some health and safety issues, but apparently he wasn’t too impressed with the range of pens the registry office had on offer.