Venus Medical Beauty – Lose the bulges with new body contouring procedure

A new method of body contouring guaranteed to deliver results in days is now available in Ireland. Pioneered by surgeons at Venus Medical Beauty in Dublin, VASER Liposelection is suitable for reducing stubborn tummies and love-handles, contouring thighs and slimming arms, all under local anaesthesia and with a smoother and quickler recovery compared to traditional liposuction.


Liposelection is suitable for stubborn areas of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise, such as inner and outer thighs, inner knees, arms, tummy, love-handles, back rollls and chin. At Venus Medical Beauty, the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, so you can go home shortly afterwards. After the area is made numb for comfort, vaser ultrasound breaks down the fat instantly, whilst leaving other tissues relatively undisturbed. The gentle and selective nature of vaser technology makes for a quicker recovery with much less bruising and swelling than traditional methods of body contouring-an important consideration coming up to the big day! Liquefied fat is removed through suction and a snug compression garment is worn.


Surgeons at Venus Medical Beauty were the first to perform Vaser liposelection in Ireland and continue to provide consistently good results in a sterile, medical environment. Log on to to see our photos or call 01 2962747 today to arrange a free consultation. All consultations are perfomed by the surgeon performing the procedure.