TWO cameras see more than one

Each person has a different vision of the same event. That is why TWO introduces a brand new concept of wedding pictures to Ireland: two photographers giving two photojournalistic accounts of the same wedding day and producing a unique ‘reportage’.

TWO is a unique approach to wedding photography introduced to the Irish wedding market by Pat Hamill and Jenny McCarthy. McCarthy studied photography at Griffith and Hamill studied at The College of Marketing and Design and both have been involved in advertising and PR for some years.

TWO’s unique and unobtrusive approach involves two photographers, one male and one female, capturing a 360 degree vision of the big day. The result is two creative interpretations of those breathtaking moments from two different angles giving couples an album of inspired imaginative images.

“We start very early catching all those nervous emotions well before the ceremony. Jenny’s casual style, especially at the start of the day in the bride’s home, helps a sometimes fragile bride feel very at ease,” explains Hamill.

“In the meantime I’m over with the boys catching a different mood where those early moments getting ready for the bride are meticulously recorded.”

This smoothly choreographed photographic routine is continued throughout the day seamlessly, as the bride and groom celebrate their big day.

“We work separately at first and then come together to design a very unique wedding album,” adds Hamill. TWO combines an unobtrusive photojournalistic style with classic portraiture, using the latest digital computer darkroom techniques, in Black and White, colour or especially toned.

“The idea for TWO came after a conversation we had after a master class we both attended which highlighted the way some of the top wedding photographers in America approach the big day. We decided that day that Irish wedding photography needed a fresh approach,” explains Hamill.

“We feel that a successful wedding album is the one that when opened in 5, 10 or 20 years from the day, on looking at the shots the bride and groom start to remember those moments all over again. Life isn’t the number of breaths we take after all, it’s the number of breathtaking moments.”