Trick or wedding ring?

What little 5-year-old Andrew Pappas from Chicago found in his Halloween bag of treats was †¦ a gold and diamond wedding ring.

When Cindy and Amiel Pappas checked the contents of little Andrew’s bag of goodies after the Halloween night they were surprised to find a gold and diamond wedding ring.

The couple immediately alerted the Police, who picked the ring and started searching for the ring-less wife.

According to the local police, dentist Tom Moss, a neighbour of the Pappases, claimed the ring. His wife Karen had lost her diamond wedding ring on the Halloween night.

The Mosses read in a local newspaper the Police were looking for the owner of a wedding ring.

The ring had a personal note inscribed inside of it that only the owner would know, according to the police. Moss identified it and he was really happy to get the gold and diamond ring back.

Karen Moss was very impressed that her husband remembered the inscription after 18 years of marriage.