Top Wedding Music and Entertainment Trends for 2008, by the Best Men wedding band – Part 2



Another notable shift in emphasis can be seen in the focus on wedding party traditions, or lack thereof. For example, the long-standing custom of ‘Removing The Garter’ has itself become a little removed from convention. Most brides do wish to ‘Throw The Bouquet’, but some are now choosing to present the bouquet to someone special, such as the bride’s mother or a special friend. If the bride’s bouquet is ever given to the groom’s mother, we’ll all die of shock.


The ‘Tunnel Of Love’ remains popular; it’s a nice way to end the night and is more fun than even the most sceptical might expect. And of course, while the ‘first dance’ is a perennial favourite, some recent couples who are less happy about showing off their dancing skills often ask for the bridesmaids, best man & groomsmen to join them after one verse and chorus.


To ensure that the desired traditions take place or not, The Best Men booking co-ordinator Niamh Brennan issues a Final Details form to all wedding clients a month before their date. On this form, the client can specify exactly which, if any, of the customs they want to avoid: the band & DJ will then adhere to those wishes and prevent anyone’s embarrassment.


What about consummation of the marriage? Does this tradition still take place on the wedding night? Who knows†¦ The Best Men have never been booked for this particular part of the night!


One Contact For Everything


The phenomenon of the wedding planner has become prevalent in the last few years and in a musical equivalent, couples are now seeking a one-stop-shop to co-ordinate all of their music entertainment over the course of the wedding day.


The Best Men can provide options for every part of the event:


* “From the top” as it were, they can provide an experienced soprano to sing at the church/venue ceremony. The soprano is well versed in the appropriate repertoire.
* Then for the afternoon arrival of the guests, a jazz trio, duo or solo pianist can perform on sax, double bass and piano. This group play for two hours, covering the lead up to the dinner bell.
* If the couple require some music during dinner, solo piano can provide suitable background music.
* After dinner, The Best Men four-piece group can get the party started and keep it going until midnight.
* Then the band’s DJ can keep the music going until the wee small hours.


Brides & Grooms have found it a blessing to use just one individual contact to manage this entire area of the day’s arrangements: someone with years of experience and success in the role. There are enough other worries for the couple preparing for matrimony – The Best Men take care of several of the required tasks in one go.


It’s just a shame that the band don’t do venue seat cover hire, invitation stationary design, on-site crà ¨che facility and tux rental, but you can’t have everything.


If you would like to see The Best Men Live, please come along to our Wedding Open Evening, as follows:


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If you would like to see The Best Men Live, please come along to our Wedding Open Evening, as follows:


Sunday, 27th April 2008
at Dunboyne Castle Hotel
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