Top makeup artist, Adele Mileys tips on having glowing skin for your Wedding Day

I truly believe that no matter how fabulous your eye makeup is or how beautiful your lip colour, nothing about your makeup looks good if your skin is not right. There is a lot more to this than just finding the perfect foundation for your skin. First things first – getting your skin in order for your wedding day. It is vital to look after your skin and have it in the best possible condition; this will help foundation to sit better on the skin for a flawless finish that will look fabulous on your wedding day and in your photographs.


Top tips to glowing, radiant and healthy skin:


1. Drink plenty of water. Try to drink 8 glasses of water a day to keep the body and skin hydrated and to help clear out the system. Green tea is also good for the skin as it contains antioxidants.
2. Don’t smoke. Smoking ages the skin and can cause wrinkles. Smoking gives a dull appearance to the skin and causes discolouration of the teeth.
3. Get a good nights sleep, 8 hours if possible. Lack of sleep can make skin look dull, tired and old and can add to the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes.
4. Wear a minimum SPF 15 on your face every day. Even when it is not sunny ultraviolet rays can still damage and age the skin. Never use sun beds.
5. Eat healthy. Having a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables will ensure your skin gets all of the vitamins and minerals it needs.
6. Get plenty of exercise. This will not only keep your body fit and healthy, exercise also keeps the mind healthy and can improve skins elasticity which can help reduce wrinkles.
7. Look after your skin by using the right skincare for your skin type. I like to go recommend the right skin care for brides to use coming up to their wedding during their bridal makeup trial. Remember to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week if necessary to remove old, dead skin cells. Never go to bed without cleaning off your makeup first. Remember to cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and evening. If you are having problems with your skin it is a good idea to have facials every month or two but stop them at least a month before your wedding day.


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