Tone With your Phone

Imagine having your very own Personal Nutritionist and Personal Trainer with you 24/7? Well now it’s possible and it will cost you from as little as â‚ ¬7 per year!


This week, a new era of mobile phone technology hits the Irish market making a healthier lifestyle all the more accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.


Handheld Health (HHH) are health management software applications, which can be personalised and sent directly to a customer’s mobile phone.


By managing the user’s nutrition and fitness with precision, HHH works as an aid to customers who need to monitor their intake of any nutrient or mineral. The customer chooses which areas they wish to track: For example, an expectant mum could use it to monitor her folic acid intake – essential to the health of her growing baby; a diabetic could use it to monitor their sugar intake; busy parents could use it to ensure their families are eating a balanced diet; women from their early 30s could use it to monitor their calcium intake to avoid osteoporosis later in life or those on low carb, the Atkins, GI or GL diets would find it a great tool to help reach their target weight.


The system is extremely easy to purchase, for example anyone who wants to watch their Carbs, Fat and Protein intake simply texts “go getinshape” to 57788 or
can visit These particular system only costs as little as â‚ ¬2.50 per month (â‚ ¬30 per year)!


All Handheld Health systems include charts and analysis, food and workout databases that may be personalised, plus auto alert features to keep the customer on tack to their health and fitness goals. Once the software is on a phone, there are no extra costs.
To purchase, a customer simply texts to download the system that best suits them or they can purchase by credit card from the website, Products start from only â‚ ¬7 per year. Customers can also benefit from the free HHH support service.


“In an age when we are all becoming more food conscious but have less time to prepare meals Handheld Health systems will be a ‘must have’ for anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy,” concludes Kiernan.


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