Tips for weddings abroad

WeddingsIreland helps you planning your big day abroad. These are some helpful tips for destination weddings.


1-Do your homework:


Research, research, research. That is the key to finding what you are looking for: snow, sun, heat, cold†¦ Allow enough time for all the planning and legal requirements you might have to deal with when marrying in another country.


If the wedding is a big event you will need more time to coordinate than if it’s only a two-people operation.


Read about everything: venue possibilities, prices, types of ceremonies, legal requirements, etc†¦


2-Plan the planner:


You have three main options when planning a wedding abroad: buying a wedding package, hiring a professional wedding planner or planning the big day yourselves.


3-Get your papers ready:


Once you have chosen your destination and you know the legal requirements for the country, get your papers ready as soon as possible, for peace of mind. This is probably the most important part of your planning. If this is not in order, there is no wedding†¦


3-Think about your guests:


Take into account the people you would really want to attend your ceremony and choose a location accessible for them – money and distance-wise. There is no point getting married in the other side of the world if you want your 95-year old granny to be there!


Before booking your venue and restaurant or catering arrangements, make sure you have an approximate idea of how many guests will be attending.


4- DIY make up:


If you are worried about finding the right make up artist or hairdresser abroad, if you are not familiar with the area (or the language!), take the knowledge with you.


Irish freelance make up, personally trained by Daniel Sandler and part of his exclusive team, Sharon Byrne recommends brides marrying abroad to take up some make up lessons before going, so you can apply your own make up on the day, taking into account factors like the climate and the style of your wedding.


“I recommend taking a lesson at home and give yourself time to practice for the big day, then you will be confident enough to do it for your wedding,” she says.


“I carry the Daniel Sandler range, which is exclusive to Harrod’s, and consult with brides as to what is the best look, correct tone and type of makeup depending on the location of the wedding, then I supply all the makeup and off you go, all ready for your big day!”


5- Wedding information:


Setting up a website with all the information needed by your guests (specially if you are going to a country with a different language). Accommodation possibilities, flights, tourist information, how to get from the airport and other arrangements should be included.


Alternatively, you could post a letter with the information to those not used to deal with the Internet.


6- Arrive early:


Arrive to your destination a few days before the wedding to avoid last minute panic, check everything is in order, finalize little details and maybe, relax before the big day†¦


For more information:


-Sharon Byrne 087 6296030 / [email protected]