Tips for the greatest wedding guest Part TWO

The summer wedding season is arrived. Most brides and grooms have everything organized but there’s one thing they can never control: the guests.

So there you have part two on some great tips for those aspiring to be the best behaved wedding guest:
Dressing up, simple usually means smarter.
If you are going to a morning wedding, long skirts are so no-no†¦ but that doesn’t mean you can go a la Brigitte Bardott. Remember, always under your knees. Mini skirts can be good for hen nights but they are definitely not right for the wedding day. Lighter colours usually work better for day time summer weddings. But white is obviously absolutely banned!!! Again you are not the bride.
If the wedding is an evening wedding, it should be the other way around. No short skirts and darker colours fit better.
For the gentleman, suit and tie is always a safe option. If the wedding is in Scotland, kilts are always welcome!!!
Theme weddings are great fun but a bit more complicated for the guest. The best option is hitting a local Fancy dress store where you can rent an outfit for a reasonable price. You can buy it if you want, but are you going to any other mediaeval wedding any time soon? Waste of budget and waste of time.
Weddings abroad can be a nightmare and the greatest fun at the same time. They are fun because you can take it as a holiday and enjoy the country for a couple of days before and/or after the wedding. But local traditions could be very different from what you expect. So, if you think that it might be veeeeery different from what you are used to†¦ consult with the bride or the groom and try to get some clues on what is going to happen.

Do the same with religious weddings if you are not familiar with the situation. Going for communion not being a Catholic would be a complete disaster!
Drink in moderation. If you want to celebrate, wait until after the reception and head out with friends. Nicole Kidman might have gone a bit loose at her recent wedding but it was “her” wedding after all. As a guest, moderation is the best option.
But whatever you are wearing or doing:
Smile and don’t forget to switch off your mobile!!!!