Tips for the greatest wedding guest Part ONE

The summer wedding season is arrived. Most brides and grooms have everything organized but there’s one thing they can never control: the guests.

We are all supposed to have fun but manners are also important. The best recipe for success is common sense, always the best advisor.

So there you have some tips for those aspiring to be the best behaved wedding guest:

First of all, RSVP. Always reply as soon as possible.

Unless couples are marrying in Las Vegas, organizing a wedding takes months. It involves a high cost for the couples, so your answer will help them keeping their finances organized. It’s simple for you and it makes their lives much easier.

Whether they want a Viking wedding, a beach ceremony or if it’s a same sex wedding, always respect the wishes of the hosts. If you are not happy, just stay at home. That will be fair on everybody. Nobody wants lemon faces at “their day”.
Wedding lists are very popular. Some of the stores offer the possibility of buying online and getting the gift sent straight to their home. Very handy.
If they don’t set up a wedding list, don’t hesitate to ask the hosts it there’s anything they would like. It’s just fair enough. They might have 30 lamps and no kettle†¦ so it’s better for you and better for them.

Cash and gift vouchers are always the safest option. It lacks personal touch but they are useful. There’s no set amount to spend, it depends on your relationship with the couple to judge how much to spend on the happy couple. As a rule of thumb, your gift should cover the cost of what it took to provide you with the wedding entertainment. Difficult to guess before the wedding, I know†¦
It’s also best to send the gift before the wedding and if you can’t attend, it’s still customary to send a gift.

If you receive an announcement instead of an invitation you’re not obliged to send a present, but a note of congratulations is a nice touch.
Get to the ceremony on time. Only the bride is allowed to be late! Try to get there at least 15 minutes before the ceremony begins.

Unless the invitation includes “. . . and family,” your children are not invited. Same applies to boyfriends and girlfriends.

Avoid taking photos during the ceremony. And if you do take photos, be sure to send copies to the bride and groom.