Tips for buying a diamond engagement ring

engagement ringDiamonds are the rarest, most expensive gems in the world and that is how you should think of your fiance as you give her the perfect engagement ring- rare and special.   It is a symbol of commitment and love.

The process of buying a diamond engagement ring can be tough and stressful, but it really doesn’t have to be.   The engagement ring you choose to give is also an indication of how much you know your fiance.   When looking for the perfect ring, you have to take into consideration her interests, personality and lifestyle.

It would also be of great help if you learn as much as you can about diamonds.   When looking at diamonds, keep in mind the 4 Cs:

A CARAT is the unit of weight by which a diamond is measured. Diamonds with more carat weight are more expensive than small ones because they are quite rare to find. Know what size of diamond you’re willing to buy and how much your budget is.

COLOR is an important factor in buying diamonds. Diamonds come naturally in every color of the rainbow. Colors are graded from colorless to light yellow. The best diamond is the one with no color at all.

CLARITY. Most diamonds contain “inclusions”. These inclusions  block light from passing through the diamond. Find a diamond with the least number of inclusions to ensure you of a diamond that’s more beautiful and radiant. Diamonds containing no spots and blemishes are graded flawless.

The CUT, they say, is the most important factor in determining a diamond’s beauty. With the right cut and proportion, the diamond becomes more brilliant and more valuable. If the diamond is cut perfectly, the light that enters is spread properly back through the diamond’s top facets.