Tips for beautiful brides by Sharon Byrne

Dublin based makeup artist Sharon Byrne, part of the Daniel Sandler makeup artist team, talks to weddingsireland on how to look gorgeous for the big day.


1. Get a professional.
Getting a professional is the most important and best tip for brides. Applying the makeup properly is the key. Everybody can apply some makeup but it can disappear very quickly, especially at weddings, where the bride is being kissed by everybody. Getting a professional will make a big difference.


2. Natural looks are always better.
Go for a natural look that will not look dated. If you go for very colorful makeup it might look very nice now but in ten years’ time looking back at the pictures it might look very dated and you might regret it.


Also, strong coloured shadows will make you look more tired.


3. Fresh face.
To get a very fresh and light face, it’s important to get the perfect match foundation to your skin tone. If this goes wrong everything else will look wrong. Proper use of concealers will also make a huge difference.


The use of loose powder is recommended for the perfect red carpet finish to the brides’ complexion. It has great absorption power, enhancing the durability of makeup on the skin and pleasant anti-drying effect, the perfect final step to setting your base.


4. Emphasis on the eyes.
I would go for a very natural makeup to emphasize the eyes, a nice contouring around the eyes, lots of mascara, soft liner and the lids a bit nude with maybe some gloss. False lashes in the corner of the eyes are also very flattering.


5. Hair down.
Brides are wearing their hair down and not using veil more and more, maybe with a bit of a lift in the back and also GHD curls (very soft, wavy curl), very natural. Some brides might see up-styles as too formal, it depends on the bride. Classic up-styles and hair down are winners.


Dublin based Sharon Byrne has years of experience preparing brides hair and makeup before the all important walk down the aisle. Sharon recently joined the exclusive Daniel Sandler team, where she has been personally trained by Daniel. The team receives seasonal training every six months. “Makeup techniques and hairstyles change from year to year. There are always new techniques and products coming on the market so I like to do refresher courses so I can advise and offer brides the best beauty and hair products available.


“I’m a mobile makeup artist. I go to the bride’ home, to the bride’s personal space, she doesn’t have to go out and she feels more relaxed.”


Celebrity makeup artist Daniel Sandler is one of the most successful makeup artists in the UK and has his own makeup exclusive range which Sharon uses. Beauty journalists seeking cutting edge tips and beauty trends have Daniel Sandler on speed dial. Daniel’s long list of celebrity clients has included Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Geri Halliwell, and Jade Jagger, as well as being a regular expert on TV.


For more information, ring Sharon Byrne on 087 6296030 or 01 45891456, e-mail: [email protected] or visit