Tips for a great honeymoon

Since it is exclusively dedicated to you two, honeymoon planning is almost as important as the wedding planning itself. It will be your first quality time together as newlyweds. These are some useful tips to plan a great honeymoon:

1. First of all: sign up for a honeymoon registry. Doing this, your friends and family have the chance to contribute towards your honeymoon.

2. Even if it’s very romantic to go on your honeymoon trip straight after the wedding reception, it is wise to wait a full day before traveling. Enjoy a relaxing hotel night before departing.

2. Choose a destination none of you have been to before. Make a list of destinations each of you would love to go. Put them together and see what would be the best option.

3. Planning together is essential. It is your ‘great holiday’ together and it is necessary both of you feel 100% happy with the choice, accommodation, activities…

4. Make sure you have a big bed when making your reservations, as some places will consider twin rooms as a double room (ie Cuba).

5. Tell your travel agent and the hotel that you are honeymooners.

6. Choose what kind of accommodation you would like and go for it. Relaxing and enjoying each other’s company is the main point of a honeymoon. If you book accommodation you are not happy with that will spoil the whole meaning of your trip.

7. If you have a budget and can’t make ends meet, consider shortening the trip. Don’t settle for less than your dream honeymoon! Even if it means you will have to shorten it a bit.

8. If you can’t find anything interesting enough why not trying the ‘spin the globe and choose with your eyes closed’ technique? has a selection of top honeymoon destinations in this section and also a ‘different honeymoons’ piece coming soon.

9. Look into all inclusive options, if you are going to a resort. They can be very good value and hassle-free.

10. Don’t postpone it more than a month. Postponing your honeymoon might be the way of getting a bigger budget for your trip but don’t delay it for too long. You never know what could happen: babies, new jobs, house moving, new projects†¦if you delay your honeymoon for too long it might never happen. Even if it’s just a weekend break after the wedding your honeymoon will be unforgettable. Family trips are a completely different thing!

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