I Thought We Were Getting Gifts Not Giving Them

weddinggiftWhile most bridal couples are aware that it is considered appropriate to give gifts to your wedding cortege, did you know that there are others who you should also bestow gifts upon?

That’s right, in addition to your wedding party; you should also give gifts to your shower hostess, the mothers of the bride and groom and the minister as well as your pianist/ musicians (not the musicians hired for the reception only those who play at the wedding.) Why do all these people get gifts? Giving gifts to those who are involved in performing large tasks for your wedding is viewed as an expression of gratitude.

The Shower Hostess

Being a shower hostess is an expensive and time consuming task that involves a great deal of planning. Most hostesses are loved ones who simply want to be involved in your wedding. A small token of gratitude is a small but significant gesture compared to show your gratitude. Hostess gifts are the same for a shower hostess as for a dinner hostess and could include bottle of wine, a gift basket of snacks or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The Mothers

Your mothers have been there for you all your life. While mothers can tend to be a little pushy about weddings, you still love them. Show them how much you appreciate all that they have done for you in your previous life and this will make them feel like a wanted part of your new life. Matching commemorative rings with the wedding date and a message is an excellent reminder of all the good times you have had planning the wedding and it will erase any disagreements.

The Minister

Ministers and other officials are a little bit trickier. Most officiating persons charge for their services, however the amount is usually nominal. When divided by the amount of work done preparing for a ceremony their charge usually only equals out to a minimal amount per hour. This isn’t much considering the minister had to complete a degree to actually become a minister. Offer either a tip for the service or a certificate for two to a restaurant. It is also customary that they be invited to the reception.

The Musicians

Musicians can often be the hardest to buy for. These are seldom people you know well. A tip is sometimes the easiest gift you can give them. Be sure the tip is at least 10% each of what you are paying as a whole. If the church provides a pianist it would be a nice gesture to tip this person too. Typically anyone provided by the church is a volunteering parishioner. If money is not an option provide each musician with a small token. A box of chocolates is a good idea.

Including these gifts will make both you and the receiver feel good about the arrangement. These small gestures can truly improve the quality of your wedding if given prior to the services because everyone will feel appreciated.

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