Thou Shalt Not Sleep During the Ceremony

Have you ever been to a wedding where the readings have been so long and boring that all you wanted to do is sleep? Are you having trouble finding an interesting reading that won’t turn your wedding into a snore fest?

Here are some simple tips for finding good readings that will be memorable not yawn inducing.

1. First make sure your reading is short.

2. Second make sure the reading is applicable to the kind of wedding you are having.

3. Last but not least be sure the reading is special to you.

Following these steps will shorten your ceremony and make your guests envious of your knowledge rather than envious of the toddler behind them who is sound asleep.

Keep it Short

A reading should be no more than three minutes. The shorter the reading the better for you and for your guests too. One line readings are fully acceptable if they are meaningful. Readings written in Old English such as poetry and older bible translations are often extremely long and are best avoided.

Consider Your Theme

The type of reading you choose should match the wedding you plan. If you are having an outdoor wedding performed by a justice of the peace, a long Bible excerpt would be most inappropriate. Instead choose a shorter verse or a piece of poetry.

Likewise, unless you are having a theme wedding it seems a bit out of the ordinary to have an Old English sonnet read. If you truly feel inclined to use such a piece of literature earmark a small section. These selections should be of great importance to you.

Don’t be Afraid to Break Tradition

There is no law requiring you to have a special reading included in your wedding ceremony. While they have become traditional, it is not necessary for your wedding to be a dream wedding. If you feel the ambiance of the occasion would be lessened by the absence of a reading, pick a reading you love.

A minister can make excellent suggestions of Bible verses which could be used or you could use a section of a favoured piece of poetry. If you have a friend or family member who is an especially good writer consider having them write a brief piece honouring marriage and love.

Do a Test Run

No matter what reading you choose, try it out before hand. Read it aloud to various members of the wedding party. Since it is your wedding they probably will not tell you they don’t like it so watch for signs of boredom or wandering attention while you read. Also continue to read the selection several times throughout your planning process. You may find that you don’t interpret it the same way every time. This may change how well you like the reading or how well it fits with your wedding.

Picking a reading for your wedding may seem difficult at first. If you work together with your fiancée and follow the simple steps I have suggested I think you will find it much easier. Go slowly and have patients it will come to you. So have fun and have a snooze free wedding with a short, sweet and simple reading.

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