The meaning of wedding flowers

Greek wedding brides wore mint and marigolds because they were thought to be aphrodisiacs. Wheat ensured fertility to Roman brides and artists linked roses with passion and desire. This is weddingsireland’s guide to the meaning of your wedding day’s flowers.


Adoration – Sunflower.


Beauty – Alyssum (sweet) and Amaryllis.


Deeply in love – Althaea and Alcea.


Devoted affection – Honeysuckle.


Domestic Happiness – Holly.


Fidelity – Ivy, veronica and lemon blossoms.


First love – Purple lilac.


Good wishes – Sweet basil.


Happiness – Yellow violet.


Happiness in marriage – Stephanotis.


Love – Rose, red chrysanthemum, myrtle and orchid.


Loveliness – White camellia.


Purity – Lavender (also luck) and orange blossoms.


True Love – Forget me not.


Truth – White Chrysanthemum.


Unfading love – Amaranth.