The Ex factor: Hugh Grant not invited to Elizabeth Hurleys wedding

Even though media counted him among the guests, actor Hugh Grant will not be attending his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley’s wedding next month.


According to reports, the About a Boy actor and his girlfriend Jemima Khan haven’t been included in the lavish celebration’s guest list.


Hurley dated Grant for 13 years and they split up in 2000. Hurley is marrying Indian businessman Arun Nayar in March in Britain and then throwing a five-days wedding celebration in India.


Both celebrities remained friends after their romance finished.


When planning a wedding, the Ex factor could come between the couple, giving some trouble. This is something very important both of you need to agree on.


-Consider if your ex is a good enough friend to get an invitation.


-If the Ex has a good relationship with both of you, it shouldn’t be a problem that you had dated in the past.


-If she/he has a friendship just with one of you, that could make your ‘other half’ unhappy. Ask about how your partner feels about inviting your Ex.


-Ask yourself why your Ex is not a friend of your fiancà ©/fiancà ©e: if it’s due to incompatibility of character, or just circumstances (living in different places, etc†¦).