The Bridal Bouquet

wedding venuesYou have probably been to too many weddings that you had never really thought much about bouquets, except for how they make great accessories for wedding dresses. Well, here’s a bit of history lesson about bouquets.

The bouquet is actually a symbol of fertility. Brides and grooms in Greece and Rome wore garlands of flowers, while those in Arab countries chose orange blossoms as a symbol of good luck. In the past, the flowers’ scent was as important as their appearance. Herbs like rosemary was even one of the most popular herbs at the time.

Flowers and herbs also have their own unique meanings. Rosemary signifies fidelity and good memory. Basil, they say, can mean hatred so it may not be a good choice for a bouquet.

When choosing bridal bouquets, here are some points you want to consider.

Your Theme

As with your wedding venue and dress, you should also choose a bouquet that would suit your wedding theme. You also need to consider your wedding colors. Do not be afraid to put in other colors into your bouquet. Just make sure that the colors make a great combination.


Remember that you will be carrying around a bouquet for hours, so you want a bouquet that’s light and not too big. If you are petite, choose a smaller bouquet. If you are full figure, you may want to choose a bouquet with a cascading style, but one that’s not too heavy.


If you don’t have enough knowledge about color combinations, flowers and arrangements, ask the help and advice of a professional florist. With their experience and expertise, you will surely have the right bouquet. Before choosing a florist, make sure that you see his or her sample arrangements. Also, find a florist that you are comfortable with.

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