The Alternative Stag

First thoughts of a stag do inevitably involve beer and strippers. But if you’re looking for greater inspiration for the lucky man’s final night of freedom with the lads, then read on†¦.

You know the score: beer, beer, strippers, more beer and definitely one comatose stag completely oblivious to the banana and cream antics on show before his blurry eyes. Or even his role as a stag prop as he dribbles away, while maintaining a loving clutch on his trusty pint. All undeniably great fun but if you are only let off the leash every once in a while, you’ll be looking for something a bit different to make the most of the weekend.

On the other hand, you might have a stag that just isn’t into that kind of thing. Allegedly, they do exist.

Either way, The Alternative Stag will give you loads of great ideas to get you started on organising a stag night worthy of becoming the stuff of urban legend, without breaking up the happy couple.

Getting Organised.

Organised? We’re not talking diary notes and gilt-edged invites but organisation is the key to a memorable event. This is not a time to rely on spontaneity to do you r mate proud – there is nothing worse for a stag party then an uninspired night, spending half the time traipsing around a city you don’t know, without any idea of where to go. If you’re thinking of winging it, rest assured, you’re got more choice of fondling Kylie’s rear bumper than going down in history as the man responsible for a stag do to remember.

For those of you best men who think you haven’t got a hope in hell of getting it together, this handbook will show you how easy it is. And it can all be arranged via email at work, providing your boss’s back is turned.

There’s advice on scoping out dates and locations, who to invite, themes, an Alternative Stag speech, drinking games, activities, international events and sporting fixtures, overseas options, and a to do checklist. The Alternative Directory also provides contacts list to help you get started with looking for activities and accommodation for a range of UK destinations.