Tasty Ideas For Wedding Foods

All the excitement involved on a wedding day is sure to stir up the appetites of both the bridal couple and the wedding guests. It is therefore important to have your wedding caterer provide your wedding party with finger-licking good foods as a climax to your big day. Below is some wedding food advice on how you may go about pleasing you guests' palettes on your wedding day.

Depending on what time of the day your wedding will take place, you have plenty of options to choose from. You could opt to have your wedding in the morning, followed by a wedding luncheon, cocktails and to finish off, a canapes reception or a full dinner. This will of course depend on the amount of money you can spare for you wedding, as well as the number of guests you have included in your wedding party.

To save on costs, you may opt to have a wedding luncheon instead of a full wedding reception. This is especially if you are having an early morning wedding, such that you may have the luncheon for the guests that attended the church ceremony. You could also have this luncheon at a venue close to the location of the wedding ceremony.

Another way to cater to your guests taste buds is by having canapes and cocktails. Finger foods and cocktails are a common feature in traditional weddings, which allows for mingling and chatting amongst the guests as they greet and congratulate the newly-weds before dinner is served. If you are on a budget, the cocktails and canapes will also be your best bet when it comes to saving on costs. This is because you may opt to have your wedding ceremony during the evening and thereafter only have cocktails and canapes as the food provided for your guests. If you opt for this catering option, ensure that you schedule it not too close to dinner time and have a short wedding reception as well. This would also be a great option for those getting married a second time around, who may wish to have a more quiet and intimate affair than their first wedding day event.

If you opt to go the whole nine yards by having a traditional wedding dinner, you have the luxury of having absolutely any food you wish to have served at your wedding. If you are renting out a wedding venue, you may inquire what type of foods they have on their menu to give you an idea of what options your guests will have.

Alternatively, if you are having an outdoors wedding, you may wish to hire the services of a caterer. In such a case, the food will be presented in the buffet self service style which will have your guests queuing to get their meals. This is the best option if you are having your wedding on your budget as it is less expensive than the traditional more formal sit down dinners.

Also remember that they type of food you choose to serve on your wedding day will also affect the overall costs of your wedding.