Take the Stress out of your Wedding

Take the Stress out of your Wedding

In Ireland, the profession of wedding planner is relatively new on the jobs front. The idea was originally conceived in America with wedding planning now an accepted occupation. As people spend increasing amounts on their wedding days but have less time to plan the big day, the strain of putting it all together can really mount. Removing the strain from the bridal couple so that they can look forward to the day is critical to good wedding planning.

“I truly believe that Planning Weddings is the next big thing” says Rosemarie Meleady, a Wedding Planner based in the South East. “My first wedding was for a friend, she wanted me to do it because I was involved in Event Management. Soon word spread and now I’ve been in business for about two years.”

Unusual Weddings

While many couples opt for a traditional wedding, there is an increasing move towards novel weddings. One of the more unusual approaches is to get married underwater with sharks or just before doing a bungee jump. Rosemarie would be unusual in that she can offer such novel ideas through a branch of her business, which she calls ‘Extreme Brides’! However, as Rosemarie stresses: “Bungee jumping or quiet country church, it doesn’t matter. We are really there to limit and lessen the amount of stress being placed upon the bride and groom. I take on a limited amount of clients at a time because when you do this job you dedicate practically all of your energy towards it or else it shows.”

Passionate Interest

Rosemarie takes a passionate interest in all aspects of each wedding. However, she is careful not to overstep the mark and become too bossy on the event. “There is a balance between caring deeply that the day will go according to plan and actually interfering. Once I am satisfied that the detail is organised, I sometimes need to distance myself and keep reminding myself that I am merely the planner and that my job is to make sure the day runs smoothly. If a wedding planner turns into the stereotypical ‘mother-in-law’ from hell then the job is not being done correctly!”

Dream Wedding

“My job is to fulfil the dream wedding of the bride and groom – it’s their big day and my role is to ensure everything possible is done to make it the most special day of their lives.”

“When you’re a wedding planner you learn to appreciate that every couple is different and they all demand different approaches. Some people really need help discussing their perfect day and need some help communicating.

“When I meet a couple first my initial question is what their dream wedding would be. When I have a good idea of what they want me to do we work backwards and finalise details,” enthuses Rosemarie.

The Role of the Wedding Planner

The role of wedding planner might appear too intrusive for some people. A strange person planning where all your families and friends will sit and whether you have your wedding in a marquee or a hotel. Rosemarie assured me that she listens intently to all her clients, and tries to include all their ideas and suggestions in the overall outcome. “They have the last say, not me – I’m just there to facilitate their wishes.”

On the big day the planner supports the bride and does all the jobs that couldn’t have been done beforehand. “I actually employ two people on the day itself, just to make sure I have enough hands to ensure all things that need to be done are done. Otherwise I work on my own and use various contacts and acquaintances.

“I always shop around, so I always make sure the bride and groom are getting the best value for everything and can often arrange discounts. This is another plus when considering whether to hire a wedding planner, they usually save you money in the long run as well as save you stress.”

In Ireland there is no specific degree for budding Wedding planners. There are however many time management courses which can be extremely helpful. Other management courses also can be a great asset to a company to help them get off the ground.